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Saturday, January 31, 2009


Sexy beautiful
Dreamers landscape
Subtle hints
The mind escapes
To gain one kiss
A million miles
Instant Bliss
Such daily trials
Finding me
So out of place
The truest beauty
On your face
Lost in the wind
A ship at sea
The sight of you
Has taken me
And left to fend
You fight the battle
To the end
Tied to the saddle
Never waiting
Always searching
Time alone
So ever fleeting
Second chances
Ever changing
Midnight glances
Setting me free
Fighter at heart
Lover at war
Worlds apart
Where less is more
To take you now
Such heated passion
Taste of your skin
Steady ration
Sunrise bringing
Never taking
Lost in paradise
Still believing

David L. Bowman

Friday, January 30, 2009

Me and my girls at our "paradise by the sea" -
Seacrest Beach, Florida

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


As darkness falls
Through healing time
From once it calls
The wayward mind
Unkempt to dream
The present past
Slip of the tongue
Now holding fast
Of steady few
The light above
From whence we knew
That sacred love
And cast to wander
Those silver streams
Of sleepless nights
For all it seems
Perchance to dream
And left behind
The stillness calls
And sunset blinds
A change of seasons
To carry through
The ocean pales
From what we knew

David L. Bowman

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


You’re okay
Better than
Left out
Dead pan
Steel smile
Silver grin
Long while
Simple sin
Stolen kiss
High mind
Finding bliss
Short time
Even odds
Not mine
Cards stacked
Lost find
Yellow fire
Hot ice
Cold fuse
Lit twice
Stakes high
Bets low
Money’s gone
Pure blow

David L. Bowman

Monday, January 19, 2009


I am a gonner. It's all over!
My little Sadie Rae has taken
my heart by storm. Hook line and sinker!

Of old and new
So far and few
The morning dew
That we once knew
Of days gone by
The sparrows fly
Beneath the light
Of crimson sky
Of full lit moon
On sandy dune
That afternoon
So late in June

David L. Bowman



Heatset Printing Ink on Aluminum Printing Plate
31" x 40.5"

Up on high
And down below
To strip the ship
Of silver glow
And afterwards
Before you fly
Go taste the moon
And drink the sky
The tea of gods
And food of kings
This empty vessel
Sprouting wings
Of searching souls
And steadfast sails
The pounding waves
On wood and nails
To tame the night
From once we knew
And follow with
The morning dew
Asleep and driving
Winding hills
And sudden tears
From window sills

David L. Bowman

Tree Of Life

The love of my life. You have believed in me from day one and I will love you forever and always.